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Provider Skills Videos

These videos are not part of the Public Authority Services training curriculum, but do contain very useful information and quick tips that can be helpful in building caregiver skills when you do not have time for regular training classes.

The Provider Skills videos cover several different categories:

Personal Care Category

How to Assist Someone with a Shower
How to Give a Bed Bath
How to Wash someone’s Hair in Bed
How to help with tooth brushing
How to care for nails
Helping Someone Shave
How to Prevent Bed Sores (pressure ulcers)
How to Use a Bed Pan
How to Empty & Change an Ostomy Bag
How to Care for Someone on their Menstrual Cycle
How to Change Sheets with someone in the bed


Transfer Tips Category

How to Transfer Somebody from a Bed to Chair
How to Assist Someone with a Cane


Preventing Injuries Category

How to Protect Yourself from Common Caregiver Injuries
How to Prevent Slips & Falls
How to Manage & Prevent Choking
How to Care for Someone that is Suicidal


Autism Caregiver Category

Autism Caregiver Quick Tips Playlist: 

Improving Communication Category

How to Promote Independence
How to Manage Care Recipients Refusal of Help


Caregiver Self-Care Category

How to Prevent caregiver burnout
When & How to Ask for Help for Yourself
How to Create a Support Network
What is Good Mental Health?
Tips for Getting Better Sleep
Deep Breathing Exercise
Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Training

Alzheimer's Association Training and Education Center: 
UCLA Health Caregiver Training Videos:

Elder Abuse Category

Recognizing Elder Abuse

Other helpful Caregiver Skills video resources