Public Authority Services by Sourcewise

Provider Benefits

To qualify for benefits a provider must be paid by Santa Clara IHSS for at least 35 hours per month for the two most recent months and submit a completed benefits enrollment form to Public Authority Services by Sourcewise. Call (408) 350-3290 to get an application form.

Currently an IHSS independent provider (IP) in Santa Clara County earns $17.62 per hour..  

Benefits available for eligible IHSS Independent Providers include:

Medical Insurance
from Valley Health Plan
The provider is responsible to pay $25 per month for this. This amount is usually deducted from the paycheck.
Contact Valley Health Plan Member Services at (408) 885-4760 (or 1 (888) 421-8444) if you have questions about the medical plan.

Dental Insurance
from Liberty Dental
Use only Plan LR100 contracted dentists from Liberty. Co-Payment Schedule is LR-100.
Contact Liberty Dental Plan Member Services at 1 (888) 703-6999 if you have questions about the dental plan.

Vision Care Insurance
from Vision Services Plan
Contact Vision Service Plan Member Services at 1 (800) 877-7195 if you have questions about the vision plan.
NOTICE:  Information regarding VSP's grievance system and how members can send comments to VSP. 

FREE bus pass for IHSS Independent Providers!
Every working IHSS Provider in Santa Clara County can have a FREE SmartPASS. This pass allows travel on VTA buses and light rail trains operated by the Valley Transit Authority in Santa Clara County. Independent Providers who qualify should call (408) 350-3290 for more information on how to obtain a SmartPASS. 
Important:  You must have your IHSS Provider Photo ID Badge available to show a VTA fare inspector whenever you use the SmartPASS Clipper card.

The SmartPASS program covers unlimited rides on VTA buses and light rail but does not include the VTA Express Bus service, which includes all bus routes with a 3-digit number starting with a "1" such as Line 181 (San Jose Diridon TC to Fremont Bart).  Providers will be charged an additional fee of $2.50 (each way) to use any Express Bus line.  This surcharge must be paid with personal funds loaded onto the SmartPASS Clipper Card.

The SmartPASS will be automatically loaded onto the Clipper card for working IHSS care providers.  Continue to use the same card.   

Credit Union
Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union
IHSS Homecare Providers are also eligible to join the Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union. For more information and branch locations, providers should contact the Credit Union directly at: (408) 282-0700 or

The CalSavers Retirement Savings Program is available for IHSS Providers
CalSavers is an optional retirement program designed for all California individuals, including IHSS providers, which offers automatic employment retirement contribution options. Easy enrollment by phone or online. Multilingual support and materials are available. To learn more about the CalSavers program, download the CalSavers Informational Flyer or visit the CalSavers website or contact the CalSavers Help Desk directly at (855) 650-6918. 

Every month providers lose their health insurance for reasons that can be prevented:

Providers must be paid for 35 hours each month. It is very important to submit your timesheets on time. Call IHSS at (408) 792-1600 if you are not up to date with your timesheets and paychecks. Public Authority Benefits will send the provider a letter if he/she is at risk of losing insurance benefits due to low hours paid. Public Authority Benefits can only use payroll records to evaluate eligibility so getting paid on time is important.

Insurance does not stop right away when the provider stops working:

If the provider stops working or the paid hours drops below 35/month for any reason he/she will not lose insurance coverage right away. It will continue for at least one month and Public Authority Benefits will notify him/her by letter explaining when the insurance will stop. The provider is responsible to pay the $25 per month portion of the insurance premium until the insurance stops. For questions or more information, call Public Authority Benefits at (408) 350-3290.

Beginning in 2014, the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires individuals to have health insurance or potentially pay a penalty for noncompliance. Individuals will be required to maintain minimum essential coverage for themselves and their dependents. Some individuals will be exempt from the mandate and the penalty, while others may receive financial assistance to help them pay for the cost of health insurance coverage and the costs associated with using health care services. For individuals who do not have health coverage, beginning 2016 and after, the penalty is $695 per person or up to 2.5 percent of income. If you or your family members are uninsured, you may qualify for affordable health coverage. Information about options to obtain health coverage is available at: