About Us

The IHSS Public Authority was established by local ordinance in 1996 by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. In Santa Clara County services are provided through an effective partnership between the County and Sourcewise through a management services contract. Public Authority Services has proven to be an essential function of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) in Santa Clara County. This partnership has enabled consumers and providers of IHSS to experience enhanced services since Public Authority Services first began operations in 1999.

Who Governs the Public Authority?

The Governing Body of the IHSS Public Authority is the Board of Supervisors for Santa Clara County. The Governing Body appoints an eleven member Advisory Board that meets monthly to make recommendations on service enhancements and IHSS operations. The Advisory Board also advocates on behalf of consumers on all issues relating to IHSS and Personal Care Assistance in Santa Clara County. At least 50% of Advisory Board members are current or past users of personal assistance services.

Program Goals

The program strives to maintain self-sufficiency and avoid institutionalization for qualifying seniors and people with disabilities. Public Authority Services enhances the quality of IHSS, gives consumers a voice in IHSS and Public Authority policy, provides seniors and people with disabilities access to personal assistance to meet their needs and provides services that support the choice to live independently.

What does Public Authority Services Do?

  • Helps match consumers with screened providers and assist both parties in this relationship
  • Operates a registry of available IHSS independent providers
  • Provides orientation enrollment for new IHSS independent providers
  • Offers training to IHSS consumers on topics such as the eligibility process, the assessment process, how to advocate for services, and how to hire and supervise providers, etc.
  • Offers training to IHSS independent providers
  • Administers benefits for eligible IHSS independent providers, including Valley Health Plan, Liberty Dental and Vision Services coverage
  • Provides free Eco transit passes to eligible independent providers
  • Acts as the employer of record of independent providers for collective bargaining purposes
  • Provides Urgent Care Registry (UCR) which is the safety net for qualified IHSS consumers whose care provider is unable to provide needed care on a short-term basis

What is IHSS?

The IHSS program is designed to assist elderly, blind or people with disabilities to remain in their own homes when they are no longer able to fully care for themselves or handle routine household tasks.

The program pays for a wide variety of services—household chores and personal care—enabling the individual to live safely in his/her home, while encouraging independence and rehabilitation where possible. IHSS is an alternative to out-of-home care/institutional placement.

For more information please visit our IHSS page on this website.