Public Authority Services by Sourcewise

Steps to Joining the Public Authority Registry

The Public Authority Registry is for providers who want to work for more IHSS consumers.  The IHSS Enrollment process is separate from joining the registry. If you already have an IHSS consumer you plan to work for, and don't want more consumers, please go to the enrollment webpage at  Complete the steps to begin receiving timesheets.

To list your name on the registry for more consumers, review the information below.
Every effort will be made to ensure IHSS consumers are receiving high quality care from skilled providers. To maintain these standards, the Public Authority Registry reserves the right to reject any applicant at any point of this process due to specific needs of the consumers, language demands, or other disqualifying factors.

If you are interested in joining the Registry to have your name referred out to IHSS consumers in need so you can be hired and begin working for someone, please complete the following steps. Applicants who do not complete the entire process will not be added to the Registry. We are a referral service only and do not guarantee work.



1.      Complete and submit a Registry Interest Form for screening. The interest form must be complete and clear with two valid references that will be checked. You must include one caregiving related reference and one non-family personal reference. Incomplete interest forms will not be considered.

      Click here to view and print the interest form or call the Public Authority Registry at (408) 350-3220 to have one sent to you.


2.      You will be contacted to attend an individual interview. If you meet the current recruitment needs of the registry you will be contacted by Public Authority Registry to schedule an interview. Providers are expected to arrive on time, communicate effectively, be courteous, respectful and responsible, as well as follow directions during the application process.


3.      Attend a three and a half hour Public Authority Registry Introduction Training. This is an invitation only event where we will share valuable information on many important topics such as:

a.       Details about the IHSS program

b.      Details about the Public Authority

c.       Rules and expectations as an Independent Provider

d.      Tips on professionalism


4.      Complete the IHSS Enrollment process if you have not already done so. The IHSS Enrollment process includes fingerprinting for a Department of Justice background check, which is a State mandated requirement to become authorized to work as an IHSS provider.  All information regarding your Enrollment will be given to you during the screening process.


Not everyone who is authorized to work in IHSS is listed on the registry. It is a privilege and special care is taken to select quality providers to refer out to IHSS consumers.